* Todd offers group/private Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes and Reiki sessions at yoga centers, hotels, and over skype.

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Tai Chi


Tai Chi Chuan is a relaxing and natural form of mind-body fitness and is an internationally recognised health meditation exercise. this mystical and ancient art greatly helps to strengthen and repair the physical and energetic body, which in turn has the potential to prevent and cure diseases. The movements are designed to strengthen the nervous system and internal organs as well as the muscles and joints. In Tai Chi we seek to use the Heart: Mind - A combination of intention and intellect. This requires awareness more than thinking and as you move through the form you bring your intention and awareness to your whole being. This allows you to better understand yourself, your relationship to others, as well as your connection and place in the universe.


The essential principles are integration of the mind with the body;

controlled movement and breathing; generating internal energy,

mindfulness, Song (loosening) and Jing (Serenity). The main

purpose of Tai Chi is to cultivate life energy (Chi) within us

to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body.

Complete harmony of the inner and outer self comes from the

integration of the mind and body. 


Though regular practice of Tai Chi, we can begin to feel this

internal Chi flowing through our body and generate the ability

to strengthen and empower it. This Chi flow greatly helps to

purify us on all levels - mentally, physically, emotionally, and

spiritually. As we continue to practice we begin to awaken new channels within. New vibrations and currents will be made and we begin to have a new mind, a new heart, and a new relationship with ourselves and the universe. We begin to enter a state of great mental clarity and inner peace.


On a deeper level, the ultimate spiritual purpose of Tai Chi is to unite ourselves with the Chi of nature, overcome our greatest opponent - ourselves, and achieve self-realisation. 

“Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principles of softness overcoming hardness” 

 - Lao Tzu


Chi Kung

Chi Kung literally translates to “life energy cultivation." It is an ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation developed by Taoist and Buddhist masters about 7000 years ago. It is designed for individuals to protect their health, promote vitality, prolong life, and develop spiritual knowledge and insight. It is a form of exercise in which movements are repeated a number of times, often stretching the body, improving fluid movement (blood, synovial, and lymph), and improving

awareness. It combines the breath with the body and mind,

providing us with clarity of mind and emotional stability. It has

helped to cure a range of diseases such as cancer, internal organ

ailments, poor circulation, nerve pain, back and joint problems

and general physical disease. 


According to Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, Chi Kung allows

access to higher realms of awareness and awakens us to our

True Nature.

The ultimate aim of practicing Chi Kung is to transform the

mind, body and spirit and bring it in to union with the Tao, which

is most commonly known as “enlightenment."

Todd's teachings are combined with Hermetic practices (A powerful practice coming from ancient Egypt, steming from the great men Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus, the practice of Internal Alchemy and Magic.)


Relation between Tai Chi and Chi Kung 


These two arts are very closely related. Chi Kung is based solely on internal healing, whereas Tai Chi (which also works on internal healing) has a martial application side. They are both forms of energy work and both use the mind to lead the Chi. Chi Kung has many categories, one of which is martial Chi Kung, and Tai Chi is one category of martial Chi Kung. In Tai Chi there is a sense of opponent, applications of attack and defend. The martial intent is what drums up the energy and manifests it, helping to create a strong focused energy to super charge our bodies. Through Tai Chi’s martial aspect we develop more fitness, good posture, strength, good presence, and a sharp focused mind. Even though we do not really use it for fighting today, we can still harness its spirit and beneficial qualities. Chi Kung and Tai Chi are always practiced together as they nurture one another. It is important to have good internal energy skill to have effective Tai Chi.



Reiki directly translates to “spiritually guided life force energy”. It is an ancient Japanese technique which aids in stress reduction and relaxation and provides a full physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. it is based on the practitioner placing their hands over the patient and channeling life force energy through them and into the patient. it is a safe and natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. a session covers the full body and can feel like a radiant glowing light flowing through them. over the years it has proven to cure many illnesses and diseases.


Level 1 attunement (traditional Usui)

The primary level of reiki in which you will receive the first symbol which is used for amplifying and focusing the effects of reiki and energy work. It is also used to protect and raise the vibration of people, places, food, etc. and to seal the effects of a treatment. You will also learn how to clear spaces energetically, connect with the universal source of light, use your intuition, connect with your higher-self, and become a channel for healing energy to flow through you. The symbols of Reiki are tools that complement the energy treatments. Each Reiki symbol has a deep meaning, and is accompanied by a corresponding mantra.


Level 2 attunement

In this level you will receive the next symbol which is used to restore mental and emotional balance. You will learn how to go deeper in your healings, enhance your intuition and sensitivity, and heal deeper rooted traumas in yourself and your patients.



Level 3 attunement (master)

In the master attunement, you will receive the final symbol, the most powerful symbol. This symbol raises the vibrational frequency of our energy field and opens the doors of the spiritual world. It helps us overcome the barrier of the human mind, elevating us beyond time and space, leaving behind duality. By this level you will be highly sensitive to energy and know how to work with it. You will also be shown how to give attunements to others who wish to pursue this path of healing.