Energy Mastery Online Training

Master your mind, Master your energy, Master your life.

This course will consist of some of the most powerful Chi Kung techniques which were the hidden secrets of China and magical practices known as "Hermetics" coming from ancient Egypt. Hermetics is the study of universal laws. It comes from the powerful masters/gods of Egypt known as Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus. 


As you will discover in this course, this practice is profound and unique, we will learn how to effectively use our body, mind and energy to influence ourselves and our surroundings. 


Through understanding the laws of the universe we can begin to conduct ourselves in the way which will be most beneficial to our lives and the lives of all people around us. 

These exercises have extreme health benefits which can be felt instantaneously. We will cover exercises to develop the fascia and to greatly enhance the bodies energy conductivity and connectivity in a very short time. 

This training builds strong will power and mental focus and the ability to transform energy and sustain yourself in higher frequencies. 

After this course you will most definitely have a strong feeling of what energy is and feels like and be able to direct it at your will. You will have developed a strong and stable mind and a strong will power. This leads you to an enlivened spirit and clarity of direction in life. 

With these skills, you will be able to manifest what you wish in your life. 

Suitable for all levels and all people, no matter their current practice or path, and highly recommended for any healers, martial artists, and people already involved with energy work. It will greatly enhance healing capabilities, strength, speed, vitality and energy control. 

Just like riding a bike, the more understanding, connection, and control we have with the bike, the better we can ride. This same fact applies to our energy and our life.


The course is divided into a 4 week program which you can complete at your own pace. However, these techniques can be used for the rest of your life. The videos will guide you through a process of self-discovery and energy mastery. The videos are kept short and to the point, this is because if we want to really master any technique we must practice by ourselves and not always just following a video.

What we will cover:

Week 1:                                                                                                           

 - Pore breathing                                                                  

 - Building the ball

 - Bone breathing

 - Body scan

 - Energy directions/elements


Week 2:

 - Concentration & insight meditation

 - Black and White mirror

 - 5 Organs healing

 - Standing Qigong

 - Elemental breathing

 - Abundance meditation

Week 3:

 - Golden Sun Healing

 - Elements in eyes

 - Power stretches

 - Tree Qigong

 - Pineal gland activation 

Week 4:

 - Baduanjin

 - White light

 - Mastery of skills

 - Charging of amulets

 - Protective Aura


Price: $300   












Tai Chi













Yang Style simplified 24 hand form

This form is the most popular style of martial art throughout China. In Yang style, the movements are slow, fluid, and graceful, making it slightly easier to pay attention to the Qi flow within the body. It is a short form and is very often used in competition.

Yang Style basic 8 form

The primary basic form for Yang style Tai Chi.

Chen Style 18 form

Chen Style is the original style of Tai Chi and combines slower movements with fast movements. It can be a bit more physically demanding and has more obvious martial application.

Chan Yuan Gong form

A form of 9 movements that works to greatly improve the body's connectivity, conductivity, chi flow, and fascia.

*In all of the styles and forms, the focus is on improving the energy flow throughout the mind, body, and spirit, which in turn leads to a calm and peaceful state of well-being. This healing art combines movement with breathing, energy (Qi) circulation, and stretching techniques. It's principles are based in the foundation of Yin and Yang and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). In Taoist theory, wood nourishes fire, fire nourishes earth, earth nourishes metal, metal nourishes water, and water nourishes wood. Each element is associated with an organ: wood with liver, fire with heart, earth with spleen, metal with lungs, and water with kidneys. 

**All forms strongly aid in purifying all the elements and bringing Yin and Yang into balance within us. Initially, the focus of Qi movement through the body was used to create internal power for combat, however, it was later discovered that these techniques are very effective for healing, prolonging life, rejuvenating the body, and bringing us into harmony with ourselves. This is now the primary focus of the practice

"Heaven & earth & I are of the same root. Ten thousand things & I are of one substance."

- Sêng-chao

"I did the workshop with Todd and I was astonished. Within fifteen minutes I felt energy in my hands for the first time. And that was empowering. I have been on the path of self development and spiritual growth for the last decade. And this is was a major mile stone in my path. Not to mention Todd is extraordinary individual and phenomenal teacher. It’s been a great honor to learn from him, I must admit I’m craving for more." Asaf

"Todd Is calm and patient and is incredibly knowledgeable about energy cultivation. He gives personalized instruction that is useful to cope with the chaos of daily living." Jennifer

“I tried tai chi for the first time in a session with Todd. It was very eye-opening, it opened me up to a whole new world. I was struck at how powerful energy moving through the body can be and I have been practicing tai chi every day since. Thank you Todd.” - Kristanna Neilson